Paula Campbell, Artist Info
After working in graphic design and illustration for several years, I returned to college for an advanced degree in design. Those plans changed after I took elective courses in photography and digital imagery. I studied photography with James Sandall at Eastern Michigan University and graduated with an MFA in 2001. Shortly after graduation, my family and I moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where we enjoy the more temperate climate and other Southern comforts.

Artist Statement
Our daydreams are freeform musings that mix past, present, and future. We appropriate from our vicarious experiences in literature and cinema. We mentally create what has and never will exist. Like theater, our own daydreams may be joyful and humorous or sobering, wherever playful thought takes us.

My art reflects my daydreams and musings, how I view myself and the world. Sometimes these reflections are emotional and intense. The multiple frames of Unnatural Quiet impart a sense of an immobilizing fear. The playful juxtaposition of feather and hand next to a collaged face in Three-part Invention or the dreamlike atmosphere of Twilight show the strong influence of Surrealism in my art. In Play Series, which includes staged and captured images, a timeless childhood has been both created and documented.

For me, either a passing thought or a lengthy study could end up as a single photographic image. The absence of clear cut time markers could leave us immobile and substanceless, but narrative underpinnings anchor these daydreams and help us to explain or comfort ourselves. The intermingling of personal history with the present and imaginative possibilities may express us more accurately than a factual biography.

Womanmade Gallery, Chicago, IL
Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas City, MO
Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
College Art Association, 275 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Artist Info
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